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Marisol Lopez is respectful, organized and a tough cookie.

She is a fighter and keeps trying until she accomplishes her goals. She is very loving and sweet, but knows when to stand her ground. “And though she be but little, she is fierce” - Shakespeare

Lidia Canchola

Marisol Lopez has constantly proven herself to be loyal and dedicated individual in both her personal and professional life.

Having known her for ten years, I can honestly say she is a person who leads by example. Both her co-workers and her loved ones look up to Marisol and are inspired by her work ethic and dedication.

Francois Jon Philip

Marisol Lopez is a great neighbor and friend.

When we first met, I needed assistance with some personal matters and she immediately offered to help. There was no hesitation and since then, I can count on her for anything. She has helped me with my English and at times caring for my daughter. I am sure she would do the same for anyone else.

Dokuaeng Talbot

I met Marisol Lopez through a friend of mine.

I was instantly drawn to her by the care and patience she gives to her daughter. I too, have a daughter close to her age. We connected by the love we have towards our family and the work ethic to provide for our family. We were both raised on having good morals and values.

Fern Areeyat

Marisol Lopez is meticulously organized.

She would stay late and make sure all her tasks were complete. She always wanted to start fresh the following day. She had a reminder for everything. Every item was done at the same time and day, every week. Her organizational skills even went as far as her staples. The staple needed to be exactly parallel to the top of the paper. She is someone who can complete a task with attention.

Rachel Barnes

Marisol Lopez is a giving person.

She steps up when others are unable to. She volunteered to be a catechist to our little kindergarteners. I could always count on her when we needed help cleaning the church, serving our parishioners, or preparing for a special event. I missed her when she had to move away; but I know wherever she will go, she will serve others.

Jamie Soto

I have known Marisol Lopez for three years and I consider her a good friend and great neighbor.

She is of good character, dependable, responsible and is always there if anyone needs her help. Her friendly manner and love of family can be seen instantly upon meeting her. In her new career as a realtor I would recommend her highly. She is willing to go the extra mile to get things done and find solutions to problems. She is successful in anything she attempts to accomplish.

Christina Brown

Marisol Lopez is a wonderful and intelligent person.

She has a lot of patience with customers and the people around her. When she is doing any type of work, she does it with love and always with a smile on her face.

Olga Tamayo

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