Looking Towards Homeownership

Dated: 10/04/2017

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Armed With The Right Information, You Can Shop For A Loan And House Then Close With Confidence

Steps To Buying

1. Strengthen your credit score 

2. Determine what you can afford. General guideline is 2-2.5 times your salary. It is then fine tuned based on your debts. 

3. Save cash for down payment, closing costs and other expensesduring the buying process and after Note: There are loan programs or builders that may minimize the down payment and/or closing costs 

4. Get pre-qualified by a lender and shop for loans 

5. Find a home that meets your criteria 

6. Enjoy your home!

After sacrificing and saving.... You can now benefit from:

1. Building equity every month on your home 

2. Tax deductions every year for mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance, and property taxes....which means, MONEYBACK IN YOUR POCKET 

3. Capital Gain Exclusion: A profit from the sale up to 500k (married) and 250k (single) will be TAX FREE. Must live in it fortwo years. 

4. PRIDE in owning

Looking Towards Homeownership

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Looking Towards Homeownership

Armed With The Right Information, You Can Shop For A Loan And House Then Close With ConfidenceSteps To Buying1. Strengthen your credit score 2. Determine what you can afford. General guideline

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